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Anup Jalota Full Albums

Anup Jalota is popularly known as the "Bhajan Samraat" (Emperor of Bhajans) of India and has spearheaded a mini-cultural renaissance in India by repopularizing the infinite beauty of spiritual music in the form of Bhajans. Anup Jalota, a household name in India, had a monumental 160 plus releases until 1998, and achieved 58 gold, platinum and multi platinum discs for his bhajans and ghazals. He surpassed Presley’s 45 gold and platinum discs between 1980-85, which was the credit of the former in the fifties and sixties. Analysts say that there is no record company in India that did not release his cassette or disc. Anup Jalota is credited with singing more than 500 bhajans and 120 ghazals. He is also known for his recitals in other languages like Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Sanskrit and Urdu, in addition to Hindi

Anup Jalota was born on July 26, 1953 at Nainital and studied at Lucknow. He started learning bhajans at the age of five from his father, Purushottam Das Jalota, a renowned bhajan singer of North India. Now his father teaches 300 students free of cost. He learnt classical music from Bhatkhande University of Music in Lucknow, and completed the courses of Prayag Sangeet Samiti. He does his riyaaz (music practice) only when he feels like it. He is a Sangeet Prabhakar and stood first in Sangeet Madhyama. His spiritual guru is Swami Lokeshanandji.He recorded his first song when he was only seven years old. Anup continued to perform right through his college days and completed his graduation in 1973 in Sanskrit and Political Science. He began his career as a chorus singer in the Lucknow All India Radio, where he received a meager payment of Rs. 250 per month. While working there he mastered the systems of English chords, writing the notations, and the art of composing and arranging. .

Anup always dreamt to be a semi-classical singer and never wanted to enter the silver screen, but when producer-director Manoj Kumar and composer Pandurang Dixit personally asked him to work with them for `Shirdi Ke Sai Baba`, it was an offer he just couldn`t refuse. The film released in 1977 and proved to be a major success. Besides lending his voice, Anup also composed some of the songs in the film, and his link with devotional songs was firmly established. Anup Jalota is now a household name when it comes to bhajans. Known for his versatility, the smiling and ever obliging artiste from Lucknow renders bhajans, ghazals, geets and film songs with equal grace and finesse.

Anup Jalota has performed all over the world, holding audiences spellbound in admiration. He has extensively toured countries like USA, Canada, Europe, West Indies, Africa, Mauritius and many other countries in the Far East. He has also performed in the UK on many occasions at several prestigious events. Out of all the albums he has released, his most famous one is his rendition of the 20-cassette album of `Sampoorna Ramayan`. on Venus.Anup is extremely happy at the success of all his albums, but is even more enamoured by the applause he gets while performing live. He dreams of singing all the 700 shlokas of the Bhagvad Geeta! Anup has lent his voice in many films like `Ek Duje Ke Liye`, `Asli Naqli`, `Dekha Pyar Tumhara`, `Qatl`, `Dard Ka Rishta`, `Dadagiri` and `Nastik` besides a few more. His Bhajan Sandhya, which sold five lakh copies that his super hit bhajan ‘Aisi Laagi Lagan, Meera Ho Gai Magan’.
The popular ghazals for which he is credited the most are given below

1. 'Chaand Angdaiyaan Le Raha Hai'
2. 'Tumhare Shahar Ka Mausam'
3. 'Main Nazar Se Pee Raha Hoon'
4. 'Rukh Se Parda Hata De'
5. 'La Pila De Saqiya'
6. 'Mere Kabr Par Pate Huye'
7. 'Tum Kya Samjho Tum Kya Jano'
8. 'Kategi Ye Zindagi Ab Rote Rote'
9. 'Laga Chunari Mein Daag'

The fourth estate has overwhelmingly stated it many a times that his voice is not only sweet and evocative, but it has a wide range. He sings geet, ghazal, bhajan and film songs with equal grace and finesse. Wherever he goes, his easy charm and mellifluous voice hold his audience spellbound in admiration.


AaoHumBhajanKaren-Anup Jalota
81,157 KB-6 file(s)
77,781 KB-6 file(s)
Aisi Laagi Lagan(Anup Jalota)
75,744 KB-11 file(s)
Anup Jalota - Nazrul Geeti by Anup Jalota
111,987 KB-26 file(s)
440,064 KB-29 file(s)
ATributeToNationIndia-Anup Jalota
165,983 KB-13 file(s)
Basareecha Soor Aala
78,356 KB-8 file(s)-
Best Of Anoop Jalota (Anoop Jalota )
48,447 KB-9 file(s)
128,242 KB-10 file(s)
512,894 KB-16 file(s)
Bhajan - Aarti
80,130 KB-8 file(s)
Bhajan Bansuri
119,141 KB-7 file(s)
Bhajan Ganga (Live)
204,642 KB-8 file(s)
Bhajan Gyanprabha-Anup Jalota
132,243 KB-9 file(s)
Bhajan Rath Vol_ 1
67,088 KB-6 file(s)
Bhajan Rath Vol_ 2
178,471 KB-15 file(s)
Bhajan Teerth Vol . 2
130,675 KB-8 file(s)
Bhajan Teerth Vol_ 1
128,012 KB-10 file(s)
Bhajananjali Vol 2 (Anup Jalota )
76,618 KB-13 file(s)
Bhajananjali Vol 3 (Anup Jalota )
36,441 KB-8 file(s)
BhajanParampara-Anup Jalota
127,150 KB-7 file(s)
BhajanPath_BhajanPrabhat-Vol-2-Anup Jalota
54,508 KB-3 file(s)
Bhajans(Anup Jalota)
184,997 KB-30 file(s)
Bhakti Ras Vol_ 1
73,582 KB-6 file(s)
Bhakti Ras Vol_ 2
129,181 KB-10 file(s)
Charan Kamal Bando___
112,558 KB-9 file(s)
Chayya (Anoop Jalota )
33,765 KB-8 file(s)
Hari Naam Ka Pyala (Anup Jalota )
62,106 KB-11 file(s)
Jai Ram (Anoop Jalota )
37,167 KB-7 file(s)
Krishna Kaho Ya Ram Kaho
112,446 KB-10 file(s)-
KrishnaBhajansVol-1_Anup Jalota
55,704 KB-6 file(s)
KrishnaBhajansVol-2_Anup Jalota
51,120 KB-5 file(s)
KrishnaKrishnaJapleBande-Anup Jalota
64,415 KB-9 file(s)
77,749 KB-11 file(s)-
Magic Of Anup Jalota - Ram Bhajans Vol_ 1
55,372 KB-5 file(s)
MagicOfAnupJalota-RamandKrishnaBhajans Vol-3
132,323 KB-14 file(s)-
Main Nahin Makkan Khayo (Anup Jalota )
51,332 KB-7 file(s)
Mana Japa Nam
84,755 KB-15 file(s)
Mere Krishan Kanhaiya (Anoop Jalota )
34,221 KB-8 file(s)-
Meri Ganga Maiya-AnupJalota
106,561 KB-16 file(s)-
Meri Papon Se Bhari Gagariya
140,136 KB-14 file(s)-
134,468 KB-16 file(s)
Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevay (Mantra) - Hindi (Single)
50,392 KB-1 file(s)-
Prabhu Darshan Vol_ 2
297,034 KB-9 file(s)
Prabhu Darshan Vol_ 3
71,696 KB-6 file(s)
Prabhu Darshan Vol_ 4
150,770 KB-10 file(s)
Prabhu Darshan Vol_ 1
158,138 KB-12 file(s)
Prabhu Tero Naam (Anoop Jalota )
45,498 KB-9 file(s)
PrabhuDarshan Vol.2-AnupJalota
24,152 KB-3 file(s)
Pratah Smaran - A Complete Peace For Body & Soul ~
215,755 KB-2 file(s)-
100,898 KB-7 file(s)
Ram Bhajan (Anoop Jalota )
10 KB 1 file(s)
Ram Ki Mahima-AnupJalota
53,303 KB-2 file(s)
180,956 KB-23 file(s)
50,629 KB-8 file(s)
101,098 KB-10 file(s)
131,652 KB-8 file(s)-
62,885 KB-4 file(s)-
113,815 KB-10 file(s)-
Sampurna Ramayan(AnupJalota)
210,402 KB-8 file(s)
64,524 KB-7 file(s)
Shri Satyanarayan Ki Vrat Katha
279,504 KB-2 file(s)
ShriGaneshMala-Anup Jalota
115,795 KB-5 file(s)
The best of anupjalota
174,616 KB-14 file(s)

MelodyBhajans_anupJalota_FullCollections FOLDER DETAILS:-
AaoHumBhajanKaren-Anup Jalota(6 files)
AdyashaktiMahamayaVol.2-AnupJalota(6 files)
Aisi Laagi Lagan(Anup Jalota)(9 files)
Anup Jalota & Sarita Joshi - Shree Ram (7 files)
anup jalota(15 files)
anup jalota_bhajan_sandhya.rar
ANUP JALOTA_Bhajan_Collections(106 files)
ATributeToNationIndia-Anup Jalota(13 files)
Basareecha Soor Aala(8 files)
BestsellersofAnupJalota-AnupJalota(9 files)
Bhajan - Aarti(8 files)
Bhajan - Anup Jalota - Bhajan Yatra(9 files)
Bhajan Bansuri-AnupJalota(7 files)
Bhajan Gyanprabha-Anup Jalota(9files)
Bhajan Rath Vol. 2(15 files)
Bhajan Rath Vol_ 1(6 files)
Bhajan Teerth Vol . 2(6 files)
Bhajan Teerth Vol. 1(10 files)
Bhajananjali Vol 2 (Anup Jalota )(12 files)
Bhajananjali Vol 3 (Anup Jalota )(7 files)
BhajanGanga-AnupJalota(8 files)
BhajanParampara-Anup Jalota(4 files)
BhajanPath_BhajanPrabhat-Vol-2-Anup Jalo(3 files)
Bhajans(Anup Jalota)(37 files)
Bhakti Ras Vol_ 1(6 files)
Bhakti Ras Vol_ 2(5 files)
Charan Kamal Bando(9 files)
Ganga(6 files)
Hari Naam Ka Pyala (Anup Jalota )(11 files)
Jai Ram (Anoop Jalota )(7 files)
Krishna Kaho Ya Ram Kaho(9 files)
KrishnaBhajansVol-1_Anup Jalota(6 files)
KrishnaBhajansVol-2_Anup Jalota(5 files)
KrishnaKrishnaJapleBande-Anup Jalota(9 files)
LaagaChunariMeinDaag-AnupJalota(11 files)
Magic Of Anup Jalota - Ram Bhajans Vol_(5 files)
MagicOfAnupJalota-RamandKrishnaBhajans V(9 files)
Main Nahin Makkan Khayo (Anup Jalota )(7 files)
Mana Japa Nam(13 files)
Mere Krishan Kanhaiya (Anoop Jalota )(7 files)
Meri Ganga Maiya-AnupJalota(7 files)
Meri Papon Se Bhari Gagariya(4 files)
NayeeBhajanSandhya-AnupJalota(10 files)
Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevay (Mantra) - H(1 file)
Prabhu Darshan Vol_ 4(4 files)
Prabhu Darshan Vol_ 1(4files)
Prabhu Tero Naam (Anoop Jalota )(6 files)
PrabhuDarshan Vol.2-AnupJalota(4 files)
PrabhuDarshan Vol.3-AnupJalota(3 files)
PratahSmaran-ACompletePeace-AnupJalota(2 files)
RaahDikhavoShyam(7 files)
Ram Bhajan (Anoop Jalota )(1 file)
Ram Ki Mahima-AnupJalota(2 files)
Ram Ramaiyya Gaye Ja (Anup Jalota )(7 files)
RamNaamKiMala(20 files)
RamShyamGunGaaiye-AnupJalota(7 files)
Rang De Chunariya(18 files)
Sai Rakhiyo Laaj(6 files)
SaiKeDarPe-HindiSaiBhajan(AnupJalota)(5 files)
SaiSumiran(5 files)
Sampurna Ramayan(AnupJalota)(7 files)
Shanti-Anupjalota(4 files)
Shri Satyanarayan Ki Vrat Katha(1 file)
ShriGaneshMala-Anup Jalota(5 files)
Teri Sharan(8 files)
The best of anupjalota(14 files) Anup Jalota-Hari Simaran Anup Jalota-Hari Simaran Tracks 1. MAIN JAISO TAISO TERO 5.27 2. NACHE NANDLALA 4.18 3. SOI RASNA JO 4.41 4. S ITARAM SITARAM .... KAHIYE 6.13 5 SIYARAM BINA DUKH KAUN HARE 4.37 6 HEY GOVINDA RAKHO SHARAN 5.56 7. KAISO KHEL RACHYO MERE DATA 5.57 8. NAND NANDAN GHANSHYAM 5.29 Here is the link: Anup Jalota - Kahat Kabeer Anup Jalota - Kahat Kabeer Tracks 1. Mhoi Tohi Laagi Nahin Chute 2. Avadhu Kudrat Ki Gati Nyari 3. Main Kehi Samjhun Sab Jag Andha 4. Man Ram Sumir Pachhatayega 5. Moko Kaha Dhunde Ae Bande 6. Man Tohi Kehi Vibhi Samjhan 7. Ras Gagan Gufa Men Ajar Jharen 8. Sai Se LaganKathin Hain Bhai download link

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